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Past Workshops

Workshop Series: BodyInContact #4

Viewpoints - a weekend intensive workshop with Cyrus Khambatta (US)

Date: 12–14 February 2016 @ Fabrica de Pensule – Cluj

Cyrus Khambatta is back in Cluj with a workshop based on the Viewpoints theory. An excellent opportunity for stage professionals, actors, dancers, performers, as well as students studying these disciplines. Participants are selected based on registration and CV.

Deadline for submissions: 25th of January 2016, 8 PM


Workshop Series: BodyInContact #3

BodyInContact #3

BEWARE - it´s ART!
- contact Improvisation as contemporary dance and performance -
with Bernd Knappe (Germany)

Bernd Knappe is back to Cluj for an Intensive Weekend Workshop related to Contact Improvisation as performance practice.


A peek into the secrets of creative work in contemporary dance - led by Márta Ladjánszki (Budapest)

What does nudity mean, what is nakedness, do we have an adequate conceptual system, and how can we define it? How does a move start, and how does it become personal?

These are the questions we try to answer by using the movement material from our performance JOSHA - a portrait.

January 30, 2016, 10 AM to 13 PM - Fabrica de Pensule (Sala Rap - et. 2)


Workshop Series: BodyInContact #2


Logomotion weekend with Nóra Hajós (US / HU)

Nora Hajós is back to Cluj to explore Simone Forti's Logomotion concept in a weekend intensive. Great opportunity to experience and embrace both movements and words coming from deep inside.


Contact Improvisation Workshop Series: BodyInContact #1

En Route - Contact & Improvisation Weekend Intensive Workshop with Katja Mustonen (FIN)
8-10 MAY 2015 – Fabrica de Pensule, Cluj (Str. H. Barbusse 59-61)

part of BodyInContact #1 - Contact Improvisation Workshop Series

Finnish dancer and exceptional CI teacher Katja Mustonen revisits Cluj to offer us a lively weekend full of dance and energy, guiding our bodies towards lively, curios and light dancing.


Sensing - Moving

Nóra Hajós comes back to Cluj to further investigate Steve Paxton's "Material for the spine". For those who have studied with Nóra in the past workshops, this is an opportunity to take it further, refine and deepen the body knowledge on basic CI elements such as rolling, wavelike movements, spirals, etc. Yet the workshop is also OPEN for those who have not tried them yet.


Talking Bodies

Principles of Contact IMPROVISATION: NOT only for beginners!
Intensive Contact Improvisation Workshop with Bernd Knappe (Germany)
7-9 March, 2016 - Fabrica de Pensule

... In this weekend we will discover and play with the vocabulary in our bodies to create a free dance, whether we are curious beginners or already familiar in contact improvisation. EveryBODY is invited. No beauty forms, no spectacular shows, no gender roles or hierarchic conventions...


Contemporary dance class with Adrienn HÓD (Budapest)

11:00- 13:00 • Fabrica de Pensule - etaj 2, Sala RAP

We will explore moving through guided improvisation. Movement will help us experience shapes, power relations, states, tempos, relationships with ourselves, with the space, with time and the others.



Intensive Contact Improvisation workshop
with Enikő Szilágyi (Hungary)
Dec. 6-8, Cluj, Paintbrush Factory

Contact Improvisation is a contemporary dance technique that combines the use of some technical elements (rolling, touching, taking and transferring weight, support, leaning, landing, equilibrium situations) with body awareness, communication, self-expression and creativity.
Contact Improvisation is the dance of touch, attention and of living in the present.


Suspension – Contact – Improvisation

When I dance CI, I often enjoy the effortless flow - how one thing leads to another like a stream of never ending events.

When experiencing this particular state, I tend to float - just follow the chain of moments as they come, loose the sense of time, touch the lightness of the physical body as I encounter momentum, let go of any need to plan or change what is…


Masterclass in Meyerhold's Biomechanics

19-23 March, 2012 - Cluj- Napoca
for actors, directors, dancers

The Technique of Biomechanics was invented by Vsevolod Meyerhold at the beginning of the XX. century as a synthesis between the traditions of European and Far-East theatre. It is a physical training that assents to ones capabilities of coordination and balance, rhythm and orientation in time and in the space offered by a stage, and it helps in the punctual execution of the director’s instructions, basic elements of the actor’s vocabulary.


Feel, Flow and Fly: CI basics and systematics

February 24-26, 2012
open workshop for all levels

In contact improvisation I am mostly interested in the pleasure of following movement impulses which are created by the unpredictable physical connection with dance partners. We do not intend to achieve a beautiful form, to design an interesting show, to deliver a choreographers dream, nor do pretend to dance.


Masterclass in Image-Work Training and the Checkov Technique

October 24-28, 2011
open for actors, directors, dancers, coreographers

It is not possible to gain a technique in five days, so the purpose of the workshop is to expose the actors to the basics of these two techniques in the hope that this training will open up profound questions in their mind about their creative instrument, and encourage them to explore these techniques further in workshops, rehearsals or performance.



30 September - 2 October 2011
Fabrica de Pensule

Like the name promises, we play with what I’ve begin to call ”the boomerang effect”. Boomeranging with one or more partners includes elements of rotation, falling into spirals that move us through levels, leaving and returning thru the usage of spherical space within and around.


Contemporary Dance Class

SUNDAY, 11 Decembrie between 10,00-13,00
Fabrica de Pensule - Sala Studio

The participants encounter through individual research how to explore the creative potential of the body and discover new powers of expression in movement.

Kata Juhász’s workshop is suitable for dancers, for actors, for experienced and innocent performers or just participants who like moving and dancing at all.


Contemporary Dance Class

Saturday, 10 Decembrie between 12,00-14,00
Fabrica de Pensule - Sala Studio

The subject of the dance is the dance itself with emphasis on physicality based on the emotional state and the rhythm in the moment of creation.



Saturday, 10 Decembrie between 10,00-11,45
Fabrica de Pensule - Sala Studio

The focus of the class is not to learn a specific dance technique, but to increase our understanding and awareness of our whole body and the space that surround us. Through concentrated practice a deeper and more connected sense of our self can be achieved.


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