International Contact Improvisation Camp

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July 29 - August 3, 2014

Intensive with Nóra Hajós (USA – HU)
Class with Enikő Szilágyi (HU)

Pensiunea La Ionel
loc. Măguri-Răcătău, jud. Cluj, Romania
(GPS: N: 46.62988, E: 23.16763)

Arrival and registration: Tuesday (29.07):  15.00-17.30
Opening circle and jam: Tuesday (29.07):  19:00

Daily schedule  (30.07-02.08 – four days)

  9:00 – 10:00      Individual warm up:        
10:00 – 13:00      Intensive workshop with Nóra Hajós:  
15:30 – 18:30      Afternoon class with Enikő Szilágyi:   (Wednesday and Friday)
                               Outdoor* afternoon activities including sports, hiking, authentic movement session, blind walk etc. (Thursday and Saturday)
                              *subject to change due to weather conditions
20:00 – 23:00      Jam

Closing circle and jam: Sunday (03.08):  11:00
Departure to Cluj: Sunday (03.08):  14:00

Language of the camp: English

version 1.: large dormitory (10+), shower (hot water) and toilets near the dormitory
version 2. (limited): tent camping (bring your own)

The pension has possibility to store food and to cook. Principle: bring your own, and share! More details about how we organize the meals will be discussed among the participants.

200 RON + Accommodation: 125 RON for bed/person OR 25 RON for tent/person
Total: 325 RON (dormitory) OR 225 RON (tent)
In order to secure your place, you participation fee needs to be paid by bank transfer in advance; accommodation can be paid at the spot.

For registration: use the form below (Pay attention to the email address!). In you have questions, call Kinga: 0748-144322 or Feró: 0744-652279
Please wait for confirmation e-mail with payment details before starting to arrange your trip. The number of participants is limited to 20!  Make sure you secure your place in time. Because of limited number of participants it is not possible to participate for a shorter period. Thanks for your understanding.
For those who registered: Please, check your email and get back to organizers with your answers asap.

What to bring:
1. Movement clothes both indoors and outdoor, shoes for outdoor hiking (impermeable)
2. Food for 5 days (there is possibility to store/refrigerate and to cook)
  Atention: There is no store nearby!
3. Fee and accommodations costs: 325 RON (dormitory) / 225 RON (tent – limited)
4. Sleeping bag (optional for dormitory users – there are sheets, but NO towels)
5. Towels and other personal hygiene objects
6. Rubber boots
7. If you need to arrange your travel to and from location, ask for help from organizers/other participants about car-sharing options

Trans-Contact 2014 is organized by GroundFloor Group and kindly supported by
Bethlen Gábor Alap
Communitas Alapítvány

Images by Roland Váczi


Intensive 4 day workshop with Nóra Hajós
Based on the study “Material for the Spine” by Steve Paxton

In 1986, dancer Steve Paxton began examining the spine he had observed in the practice of Contact Improvisation, a duet movement form he had instigated in 1972. Material for the Spine immerses us in this artist’s world for the first time, to experience the logic and invention at the core of his technique. The system of MFS is a meditative study of spinal and pelvic movement initiations combining a technical approach with an improvisational process.

“With Material for the Spine, I am interested in alloying a technical approach to the processes of improvisation. It is a system for exploring interior and exterior muscles of the back. It aims to bring consciousness to the dark side of the body, that is, the ‘other’ side, or the inside, those sides not much self-seen, and to submit sensations from them to the mind for consideration.” (Steve Paxton)

Themes in these classes will be ;
*focusing on our inner sensations while warming up slowly ,
*learning and practicing rolling on the floor, in spiral (helix) form, and crescent form,
*studying undulations ( wavelike movements) in our bodies,
*moment to moment awareness tuning
*finding own small dance
*and following the spontaneous rise of improvisation in the group .

Nóra Hajós has been studying with Steve Paxton for the past 25 years.

NÓRA HAJÓS (USA/HU) dancer, choreographer, visual artist. Her choices are made by her deep interest in the search of authenticity in dance. She is interested in sensation rooted movement explorations, action painting, juxtaposition in art making and in the moment improvisation with words, voices, movement and paint. She started her dance studies at age 4 in her native Hungary. As a young adult, she searched in the direction of authentic movement and New Dance in the USA. For the past 20 years, she has been exploring, teaching and performing dance improvisation. In depth studies with Steve Paxton, Lisa Nelson, Amy and Arny Mindell. Toured duet Logo Motion performances with Simone Forti, in Europe and USA. Duet Improvisation Performance series with Liszt awarded composer, pianist Gyorgy Szabados. Her company `The Ship` produced in the past 5 years Las Meninas~Dances under the St. John`s Bridge ( Portland OR ) and ` Come now Go and Soon go See ` a process work inspired, dance duet with Craig Baker. Her teaching style is rooted in the land of improvisation.

Moments in Space
Two day afternoon workshop with Enikő Szilágyi (Hungary)

Moments. Space. Being Present.
The quality of our presence in space depends on the focus of our attention, on the awareness of our perception. In every moment of our dance there is a choice: where to move, how to connect and with whom, how to observe our body. In this workshop, the following open questions will guide us into a process of research, experiment and learning:
- How do we perceive our own internal space and the space immediately around us?
- How can we connect to each other through conscious use of space?
- What qualities emerge from focusing our attention?
- What does it mean to be a safe / exist in a particular space?
- How long it is the moment in which we make a decision?
- How do we influence each other in a shared space?
- What does generosity in dance means?

This is an OPEN workshop, taught in English.

ENIKŐ SZILÁGYI is a performer, teacher and organizer. Starting out with a university degree at the Hungarian University of Physical Education as a teacher of physical education; teacher of APA (Adapted Physical Activity) and physiotherapist. She studied contemporary dance techniques, contact improvisation, acrobatics at Contemporary DanceLab School in Budapest. Since then she has been passionately involved in dancing and somatic movement, learned from various magnificent teachers from all over the world. As a performer, she has participated in various research projects on improvisation and performance. She worked, among others, with Caroline Waters, Luke Johnson, Risa Takita, Tibor Molnar, CandoCo Dance Company, Toshi Makihara, Guto Macedo, Georgia Petrali and Gustavo Lecce. She is founder of SferaLab and member of L1 Association (Hungarian Independent Artists Association of Public Utility).
She has taught at Kontakt Budapest Festival; Poland Contact Festival, Warsaw; Trans-Contact Festival, Romania; Contact Meets Contemporary Festival, Göttingen; Contact in Rio Festival, Brazil; Italy Contact Festival, Arezzo, Italy; Contact Crete Festival, Crete, Greece; Potsdam, Germany  and others.
Besides she teaches her own somatic-based improvisation system what called ’SFERA’. She sees her main interest in improvisation, somatic movement, consciousness and the transformation of perception.

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