Places and festivals we visited and plan to visit in the future. 

Parental Ctrl in Budapest

The newest production of GroundFloor Group will be shown at the NEXTFESZT 2017 in Budapest on the 13th of January 2017 at Trafó House of Contemporary Arts.

Parental Ctrl is a performance-concert about generation Y and their parents, about the escape from reality and the dependence on virtuality, about the inevitable connections and ruptures between generations. A performance by Ferenc Sinkó, created in collaboration with the performers
kata bodoki-halmen, Kinga Ötvös, Krisztina Sipos.


We had visited

Parallel - in Cluj

Tompa Gabor, the Artistic Director of the Interferences International Theatre Festival introduces the event as follows: "The subject of our upcoming is the stories of the body. It is impossible to exhaust the richness of this "generous" theme, open to an infinite variety of theatrical approaches through a ten day-long event. We humans are constantly preoccupied by our own physicality, our outward appearance, our vital functions, our own aging, our timeliness and mortality, our conception into birth, our painful illnesses, our sexuality, in one word everything that binds us to the mysterious chemistry of our body, since God made mankind in His own image. Is there any better place than theatre to have us confront with all these questions in their full physicality? Theatre in fact is based on the presence of both actors and spectators connected in space and present time by the mutual convention of playfulness."

Parallel has been programmed in Interferences Saturday, 4th of December from 16:00 at Fabrica de Pensule.


Parallel in Budapest

The Contemporary Drama Festival Budapest was created in 1997 with the aim to facilitate cooperation and dialogue between Hungarian and international theatre professionals. The main goal of the organizers has not changed since the very beginning: to promote Hungarian theatre on an international market and to give professionals a chance to meet each other, and to possibly invite Hungarian theatres to introduce themselves abroad, allowing the creation of co-productions and long-term collaborations.

Parallel was selected in this year's programme, and can be seen on December 4 at 20.00 in Jurányi Art Incubator House, Theatre Hall.


Parallel - in Lublin / Poland

The programme of this year’s Confrontations focuses on three overlapping themes: collective / romania / identity.

"We are confident that the role of a festival, including that of the “Confrontations” Festival, must not be limited to yet another showcase of plays, to yet another collection of chart-topping performances. It is a waste of space, time and money. A festival must create culture; it may and it should stimulate the flow of ideas and experiences, discover new art forms and familiarize us with the less recognized phenomena, and create a space for real dialogue and lively discussion, especially at present, when – as observed on a daily basis – the space for public debate is being invaded, annexed and cynically tampered with. - stating Marta Keil and Grzegorz Reske, the two Curators of Confrontations Festival.

Parallel is programmed in the closing day of the festival, Sunday, 19th of October, 2014 at 19:00 in Sala Widowiskowa of Centre for Culture, Lublin, Poland


Parallel - in Iasi


Parallel - in Timisoara


Parallel - in Sfantu-Gheorghe


Parallel - in Arad

<<„new theatre” is the type of theatre that resonates with an extremely contemporary approach, with an acute sensitivity of the spectator as well as the creator, both in style and aesthetics as well as the theme. [...] This is not a festival of a mandatory-concept, more of the presentation of the diversity subsumed under this primary goal, which I have tried somehow to conceptualize: "today's world theatre" >> declared curator Claudiu Groza for ArtAct Magazine.

Parallel is programmed Tuesday, 13th of May, at 19:00 in the Studio Ioan Slavici Classical Theatre Arad.


Parallel - in Bucharest

Parallel was selected in the program of Romanian Dance Showcase which will take place in Bucharest from April 28 to May 4. For 7 days the National Dance Center (CNDB) will host 55 artists in a contemporary dance marathon unprecedented in recent years.

Parallel is scheduled for May 1 at 18:30 at CNDB (Marasesti Blvd 80-82.)

In addition to the 13 performances, Romanian Dance Showcase 2014 includes a press conference, a roundtable, networking brunch, installations and video screenings, discussions with artists and international guests.


Parallel - in Sibiu / Hermanstadt

„Parallel” in ”25 h of theatre non-stop” - a theatre marathon event organised by Asociatia Culturala Bis in 5-6 April, in Sibiu/Hermanstadt.
Performance at Teatrul Gong, on 5th of April, starting at 23,00

The programme of the whole event is available on www.respirateatru.ro and www.facebook.com/respira.teatru. Tickets on sale at Agenţia Teatrală, Librăria Humanitas and Atrium Café.


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