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May 01

Leta Popescu and Lucia Mărneanu are the 2014 Uniter debut award winners

Director Leta Popescu and actor Lucia Mărneanu received the Romanian Theater Association's debut award for the work and performance in Parallel, at the 22nd Uniter Gala held at the Cultural Palace (Târgu Mureș), on the 28th of April 2014.

Photo: Facebook / Tompa Miklós Theater Company, Târgu Mureș

Mar 04

Surpize from UNITER - Press Release

Nominees for UNITER Price for DEBUT:

Lucia Mărneanu and Leta Popescu for Parallel, produced by GroundFloor Group and ColectivA, Cluj-Napoca

This year, the selection jury, formed of theatre critics Andreea Dumitru, Ionuţ Sociu and Sebastian-Vlad Popa has justified its options in a long motivation letter which included Parallel.

Dec 18

"Like a hit of a knife" in Dilema Veche

...I came out from this performance with a feeling I don’t often experience: it must be written about. People write about more or less successful shows, about new aesthetics and themes, about tendencies and directions. However it is not often that we see a turning point, the sign of change – in thinking, in expression or attitude –, an innovation or (at least) an attunement with time or times...
...Parallel marks a rupture with the performance patterns that were taught in school and particularly their imitative portrayal, toxic phenomenon for the imagination that infects to the annulment the construction of new performance dialects...
... with two absolutely fabulous performers, Parallel is 2013’s show...

Oana Stoica in Dilema Veche

Dec 09

”You laugh, you cry in… parallel” - about Parallel in eliberart.ro

... I admit I got bored, I got angry, I laughed and I became gradually excited, in order to, in the end, catch a glimpse of the complex mechanism behind the spectacular construction with its distracting simplicity...

Alexandra Dima's article in eliberart.ro

Dec 06

Parallel in Temps D'Images 2

… the biggest surprise of the Temps D’Images Festival, at least as far as I am concerned, was the Parallel project…
… Created upon the negotiation and the construction of genre identity, the play refuses to fall under any strict category or performance type we have been used to…

Miruna Runcan for Observator Cultural

Nov 30

Parallel in Temps D'Images 1

Luana Pleșea's report in Radio România Internațional

The dance show „Parallel” also speaks of solidarity, created by Ferenc Sinkó and Leta Popescu and interpreted by Lucia Mărneanu and Kata Bodoki-Halmen, one of the shows which impressed theatre critic Oana Stoica the most: “It is a performance that begins as contemporary dance and ends as a play. It is a show which highlights gender identity struggles, namely lesbianism and confronts the manner in which men and women view themselves and the way in which society evolves in prejudicial clichés.

Jun 25


Anikó Varga about DIVAS in "Kisvárdai lapok"

"In the performance of GroundFloor Group the visual media language and rhetoric is essential: the movie, the cartoons, the advertising (which is artificial opposed to the actresses natural body and their daily like indifference), the show, the genres written for the masculine eye (striptease and porn).


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